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How To Access Library Databases Using the Library Login

Article Linker is a button or link that you'll sometimes see in your search results page in a library database. It's a tool that helps you find the full-text of an article anywhere in any of the library databases, even if it's not in the database you're currently searching. 

Whenever find an article in a library database but there is no full-text, click the article linker button. 

Screenshot of the Article Linker button.

A new window will pop up and it will either:

  1. Take you directly to the full-text article, in whatever database has it
  2. Tell you what database the full-text article is in, and give you a link to that database (once you are inside the database, you will have to search for the article.)
  3. Tell you, "Sorry, but this item was not found in full-text in the Empire State College collections"

How To Access Article Linker

You don't need to access Article Linker on its own. When you're searching in a database, the Article Linker button shows up in your results list accompanying any article that that database doesn't have in full-text.

In the image below, you can see the Article Linker button beneath the first search result, but you not the second one. That's because the database has the PDF full-text for the second search result, as indicated by the PDF icon. 

Screenshot of database search results with Article Linker button.

Sometimes There Is A Link, Not A Button

Sometimes The Button Or Link Is Inside The Article Information Page

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