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Nursing and Allied Health: Find Evidence (info sources)

Topic Background

For help navigating this Guide: Nursing and Allied Health Subject Guide Quick Tour video (3:13)

To better understand (and write about) your research topic, you should brainstorm the main concept(s) involved, and find encyclopedia entries on that concept. This will not only give you an historical context (how has the thing, theory, or technology evolved over time?, what people, laws/policies are involved?), but will also help you find the words and phrases that are essential for searching the scholarly literature. Once you have a handle on your concept(s), search the journal, book and other literature, using the "Information Sources" section below.

Information Sources (search the literature)

CINAHL is best for nursing-specific journal literature, but you may want to try others, such as MEDLINE, for topics that cross into more general health and medicine fields, or try searching our e-books. Search Tips Video Tutorial


Search below to find items in our Library OneSearch:
Library OneSearch

Search Tips:

  • Searches most (but not all) library items at once
  • Keep it simple; use keywords only.
  • use double quotes around common phrases. E.g. "evidence-based medicine"

Did you know there is a wide variety of quality statistical data relating to nursing and health care out on the open web? You can view a list of portals into some of this invaluable information here.

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