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Careers: General Information

A source of reliable online information for use in degree planning, career planning, and job searching.

Welcome to Career Resources!

This collection of resources is maintained by the Empire State College Online Library. We hope you will find them helpful as you plan your career, get a job, and continue to pursue advancement and personal fulfillment in the working world.  While the college does not have a career resources center, you can use these resources to help you find information or start looking for a job. 

If you are looking for job postings, want to network with others or would like to post a job opening or listing, please visit the Alumni Career Services Page. Their site is open to all Empire State College students, alumni and staff. 

Please look at the blue tabs above this box to get an idea of what we have. Click each tab to view the content within.

Note that the Work Life tab takes you to another guide!

Career Services

If you are looking for career networking or a place to search for job listings, you should visit the Alumni Student Online Community which is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni of Empire State College.

The Alumni Student Online Community is a secure online social and professional network exclusively for SUNY Empire State College Alumni and students. There, you can find career mentors, jobs, share photos, reconnect with friends and more.