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Work-Life and Life At Work: Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Help with managing your time, enhancing your productivity, enhancing your wellbeing at work, managing your career and furthering your professional development.


Free Online Learning Opportunities

Professional development without any need to travel or apply for funding. Most sites that offer webinars have recordings of their old ones, so you're not even tied to your desk at a particular time!

Computer and Technical Skills

These resources are available if you feel the need to brush up your IT skills - anything from basic computer literacy to real sys admin and programming stuff.

Public Speaking

Giving presentations: we all have to do it at some point or another, and most of us dislike it. For some people, public speaking is a full-blown phobia. Competence is the key to confidence. These resources will help you become a clear, compelling communicator of ideas in groups.


Whether you're a manager, the lead on a project, or just need to steer things in a more productive direction from wherever you are, some management and leadership techniques and principles will be helpful.

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