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Open Educational Resources: OER LORs

A clearinghouse of OER, including learning object repositories, open course repositories, scholarly repositories, open textbooks, and information about open learning/education in general.

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What is an LOR?

A Learning Object is any combination of educational content, practice activities and assessment tools that form a coherent whole that can be repurposed and combined with other learning objects. Ideally, they are designed for maximum portability, so that they can be reused in many different contexts. 

Open Educational Resources are a category of learning object that

  • is free for use by faculty and students
  • is licensed under the Creative Commons so that they can be copied, distributed, and remixed
  • has the source files available and in a non-proprietary format so that remixing is not only legal but possible

In addition to open learning objects, there are learning objects that are free to use, but not to copy, share, or remix.

WikiEducator's List

Exemplary repositories of "free elearning content." This is not exactly synonymous with OER, but there is a great deal of overlap.

Resources Not Included In WikiEducator's List

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