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Commercial Document Delivery Services

If an article is not available through the library, and you can't get it by other means such as:

  • borrowing from another SUNY or NY state community college library
  • using interlibrary loan if you are a grad student or faculty member
  • going to your local public library for interlibrary loan, etc.)

then you may want to try a commercial document delivery service. 

This is a good option only if you're sure that you really need this article in particular, because it costs money. The price includes the royalties that go to the copyright owner plus a service charge.

Different services have different articles available as well as different charges and delivery times. Most services deliver your article electronically, by emailing you a link to the PDF file, or emailing you the document as an attachment.

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Please note: If you need to request accommodations with content linked to on this guide, on the basis of a disability, please contact Disability Services by emailing them at  Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the disability services website

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