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Community & Human Services: Find Evidence (info sources)

Topic Background

To better understand (and write about) any research topic, you should determine the main concept(s) involved, and then find encyclopedia entries on that concept. This will not only give you an historical context (how has the thing, theory, or technology evolved over time?, what people, laws and policies are involved?), but will also help you find the words and phrases that are essential for searching the scholarly literature. Once you have a handle on your concept(s), search the journal, book and other literature, using the OneSearch or "Specialized Search Tools" sections below.

OneSearch (search most library databases at once)

Library OneSearch

Search Tips:

  • Searches most (but not all) library items at once
  • Keep it simple; use keywords only.
  • use double quotes around common phrases. E.g. "evidence-based medicine"

Specialized Search Tools

Search tip: broad phrases, especially one such as "human services," may not always work when searching. Consider using one or more specific professions or industries within community or human services instead, such as counseling, "child welfare" or "social work."

Using the Library with Mobile Devices

Is the Online Library compatible with my iPad? Kindle? Droid Phone? Blackberry? Other mobile device?  

The answer is, it depends on your device and the library resource.  

For information about each library database and e-book collection and how they work with mobile devices as well as information on available apps and how to read articles or e-books on your device, please visit

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