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Library Workshops: 1: Finding the Right Topic

Upcoming Schedule (click 'Register' link below): all Workshops are 7 to 8 pm (US EST)

Workshop Description

Research Workshop 1 focuses on formulating and brainstorming a manageable topic and crafting a research question from that work.

Learning Objectives: in this workshop you will learn how to...

  • Reflect on the place of our own natural human biases and differences of perspective within the research process in order to approach any topic or tackle any problem with a critical and open mindset.
  • Locate a background information source and identify central concepts (or keywords) related to your topic in order to develop a narrower scope of inquiry and to set up for an effective search strategy.
  • Formulate narrower lines of inquiry or subtopics based on your initial topic, in order to choose a manageable question to address in the research paper.
  • Navigate the Online Library website in order to find the best search tool(s) for your information need and get help when needed.