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Library Workshops: 3: Fighting Fake News and Choosing the Best Sources

Upcoming Schedule (click 'Register' link below): all Workshops go 7 to 8 pm (US EST)

  • Live sessions of this workshop are done for the term. Check back in late December for Jan-Feb 2018 dates.
  • [anytime] If you can't make a live session, check out the non-live version of Research Workshop 3: Choosing the Best Sources (note: involves readings, videos and an online quiz that will together take ~ 90 minutes to complete)

Workshop Description

Research Workshop 3 looks at reference mining and how to evaluate information sources for reliability.

Learning Objectives: in this workshop you will learn how to...

  • Use reference mining techniques in order to identify relevant information sources on your topic and get a better idea of which ones are more well regarded in the field.
  • Use information evaluation techniques in order to confirm that the sources chosen are reliable and effective for your research needs.
  • Identify the differences between primary and secondary information sources in order to choose sources that are most appropriate to the task at hand.
  • Use the Cite and personal folder functions within OneSearch and other library search tools.