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Concise Neurodiverse User's Guide to the Library: Executive Function and Working Memory

Looking for a more detailed version?

Start early and break things down into multiple manageable chunks

Chunk your tasks into smaller tasks. Break them down as small as you need to.

Here are some tools to help:

Reminder tools:

Consider using a Citation Manager

Front-loading the effort of organizing your sources and notes will help when it is time to write. 

Citation managers are free apps that work with your browser and either MS Word or Open Office (NOT Office 365.)

Citation managers save your data to the cloud so that you can access it from multiple devices - to search what you have, add more, take notes, or add citations to your paper.

For most student users, we recommend Zotero. It works better than the competition for group projects, and it works with Google Docs.

Advanced Search may be easier - really!

Trouble typing in a long search over and over? Try Advanced Search, because it lets you re-run saved searches, and modify them.