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Construction Management: APA Citation

This guide will provide you with information on locating construction management resources on the internet. The National Labor College developed this guide.

APA Style Guide

This guide provides information on how to format citations according to the American Psychological Style Manual (APA).  Rules, examples, and resources are provided here to help students understand and apply the APA format to their research papers.  Please refer to one of the items in the APA Guides & Resources box at the bottom left side for more detailed information.


Double-space your citations and indent each line after the first line of the citation.  Capitalize the first letter of the first word in the title, subtitle and proper nouns.  Your citations should be in alphabetical order by the author's last name.


Citing Books 

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle.
        Location: Publisher.

Dine, P. (2008).  State of the unions: How labor can strengthen the middle class, improve out

economy, and regain political influence.  New York: McGraw-Hill.

Citing Magazine Articles, Print

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of Article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue
        number), pages.

Hamilton-Wright, K. J. (2008). Is your boss a bully?. Essence (Time Inc.), 38(11), 122.

Citing Magazine Articles, Online

Grose, T. K. (2008, July 1). Big labor goes global. Time. Retrieved from,8599,1819380,00.html

Citing Scholarly Journal Articles, Print

Gunderson, M. (2007). How academic research shapes labor and social policy. Journal of

Labor Research, 28(4), 573-590.

Citing Scholarly Journal Articles, Online with DOI

Kaminski, M., & Yakura, E. K. (2008). Women's union leadership: Closing the gender gap.

WorkingUSA, 11(4), 459-475. doi:10.1111/j.1743-4580.2008.00219.x

Citing Newspaper Articles, Print

Will, G. F. (2011, February 22). Weathering a union storm.  The Washington Post, p. A13.

Citing Newspaper Articles, Online

Greenhouse, S. (2011, April 4). Unions rally, linking their cause to Dr. King. The New York

Times. Retrieved from


In-text Citation

In-text citations provide brief references to resources used in the body or "text" of a paper.  They enable readers to locate the full citation on the ablphabetical reference list at the end of a paper.  Each source used in a paper must have an in-text citation. 

One author:

The surname of the author (do not include suffixes such as Jr.) and the year of publication are inserted in the text at the appropriate point. If the author name is part of narrative in the text, cite only the year in parentheses.

Ziegler (2011) stated, ... text.

Otherwise, place both name and year, separated by a comma in parenthesis

Your text..., (Ziegler, 2011).

For a direct quote, APA encourages the use of page numbers: (Ziegler, 2011, p. 29).

Please refer to one of the items in the APA Guides & Resources box at the far left side for more detailed information.

APA Guides & Resources

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