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Maple Resource Center

Welcome to the Empire State College Maple Resource Center. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to use Maple for your course work. The Maplesoft website and the Maple Portal installed with your Maple software on your computer contain much

How to Install Maple

These installation and activation instructions apply to the Maple mathematics software provided by Empire State College to students registered in courses where this software is used and to instructors teaching those courses. 

1. To verify that your computer system meets the minimum requirements for the Maple software, visit

2. Go to and enter your ESC username and password. 

3. Click on “Software Licensing” in the second column. On the Software Licensing page, click on Maple. 

4. You need to identify yourself (as a student or as an instructor). 

5. Select the version of Maple you want. If you already have Maple, you may get an access code to continue using the version you have for the next year. If you do not already have Maple and/or if you wish to upgrade to the newest version, you may do so. Please note that, as of the moment, no courses are using any features that are version specific, so it is immaterial what version you select. Once you have selected the version you want, press submit in the upper right-hand corner. 

6. You will automatically receive an e-mail with a link and access code for a Maple download or a new code if that is all you requested. There is no charge. 

7. Once you receive an email from ITS with an activation code, visit the link provided in that email and download the version that is appropriate for your computer. 

8. The remaining installation instructions for Windows (pages 3-10), Mac (pages 11-17), and Linux (pages 18-24) are found here: 

For those more technically inclined, further installation and customization information is found here: 


***If you have problems installing or activating Maple, or other similar technical issues, you should: 

1) Re-read the system requirements and installation instructions on the Maple website. 2) As a matter of general practice, if the install fails to complete: Reboot your computer, attempt to remove any vestiges of the failed installation using the standard Remove Software or uninstall options, and attempt the installation again. 3) Visit the Maplesoft FAQ support page. 4) If the installation still fails, it is possible that your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. 

All questions regarding the use of Maple (all math related or problem-solving questions) should go to your instructor. 

More information at these pages: 1: License, Activation, and Version Upgrade 2: Documentation and Online Help for Maple 


Please note: If you need to request accommodations with content linked to on this guide or with your Maplesoft Software, on the basis of a disability, please contact Accessibility Resources and Services by emailing them at  Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the disability services website