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Maple Resource Center

Welcome to the Empire State College Maple Resource Center. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to use Maple for your course work. The Maplesoft website and the Maple Portal installed with your Maple software on your computer contain much

ESC Maple license & upgrade

Empire State College has a licensing agreement with Maplesoft, which allows us to provide our students and instructors with Maple free of cost. 


The Maple software requires an activation code for installation and yearly renewal for current students and instructors. This code is time limited and is tied to a single academic year. The activation code expires on August 31 of each year (with a grace period to September 29). You can request a new activation code utilizing steps 2-6 at the How to Install Maple page. 


* License Restriction: Students may use the Maple software ONLY for their own academic coursework. Under no circumstances may the software be used for other purposes. Under no circumstances may the software be shared with other individuals or used for commercial applications.

Maple, Maplesoft, and Waterloo Maple are trademarks of Waterloo Maple Inc.