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Maple Resource Center

Welcome to the SUNY Empire Maple Resource Center. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to use Maple for your course work. The Maplesoft website and the Maple Portal installed with your Maple software on your computer contain much

Getting Started

Photo of a maple leafThe Maple website has some good tutorials for getting started with Maple.  There are some video tutorials, or you can download a PDF file with the same material.  Before you start any of the tutorials, you should start your Maple program and open an new document where you can work along with the tutorial, step by step.  If you are viewing the video version, you can pause the video while you work in your document, trying out the example being shown.

How to open new document in Maple session:  (top left) click “File” and then “New” and choose “Document mode” (or [ctrl]+n). If your preference is to work in Worksheet mode, select that instead. For more information on Document Mode vs Worksheet Mode, read this Maple help page:  https:// .

Maplesoft provides online  video training and support

Help is available in your Maple program:  about the Maple Portal

Another very useful tool in learning to effectively use Maple is knowing  how to use the Maple Help

Here are some commonly used shortcut keys

youtube can be a source for videos on using Maple, just use “maple software tutorials” in the youtube search box.

This youtube video explains how to use several features:  Getting Started with Maple by Catherine Bliss

Here is a direct link to a youtube playlist Maple15 by RobertTalbertPhD . These videos were made for Maple 15 but still valid.

Please note: If you need to request accommodations with content linked to on this guide or with your Maplesoft Software, on the basis of a disability, please contact Accessibility Resources and Services by emailing them at  Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the disability services website