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Your Business, Management & Economics Liaisons: DAS Liaison

Did you know that, as a member of the college's Business, Management and Economics faculty, you have your own Librarian and Director of Academic Support to work with?

What does your DAS Liaison do?

All Directors of Academic Support and their staff are here for you and your learners, but your liaison is more specifically focused business academic support, and sets aside time specifically for developing Business, Management and Economics support services so that you can get more focused and in-depth assistance.

During course development or revision

Your DAS Liaison can work with you during course design or revision to:

  • Work with you to design or redesign an assignment, providing a perspective on how students perceive and understand the components of the assignment.
  • Develop and schedule customized embedded workshops to help students more easily access the academic skills development they will need to complete the objectives of your course. For example, "how to understand an assignment," "how to explore themes across multiple readings," or "how to manage your time in a long, multi-part assignment."
  • Explore developing Open Educational Resources and where appropriate, partner with Educational Technologists during related development. For example, DAS and Educational Technologists are now creating a short video on "how to read supply and demand graphs."

Outside of the dev/rev cycle

Before a term begins, or even during the term, you can always work with your DAS Liaison to:

  • Find the root cause of learners' difficulties with an existing assignment and adjust or redesign the assignment.
  • Ensure that the learning coaches are informed and prepared to answer questions related to a particular course or assignment.
  • Before the beginning of the term in a high risk course in which many students struggle to pass, talk to your DAS Liaison about the possibility of having an embedded learning coach in the course. This option is resource dependent, but early planning can allow for more focus in this area. 

Program Development

When developing a new program, consider consulting your DAS Liaison to proactively plan for relevant academic support resources and to embed academic support as part of the development plan. This proactive approach will save much time later when students are seeking content specific academic support.

Working with your DAS Liaison

You and your learners can always contact the DAS nearest you for help. When should you contact your DAS Liaison directly?

  • For questions or issues that affect multiple learners.
  • Whenever you need help understanding the learner's perspective when creating or revising an assignment.
  • Whenever you are finding that multiple learners are misinterpreting an assignment or making mistakes that repeat or fall into a pattern.
  • If you want to raise your expectations for students in critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, problem solving, transfer, self-directed learning and engagement.
  • If you would like to see about embedded academic support, including:
    • Developing custom workshops for your students.
    • Assigning a dedicated a learning coach embedded in your course.
    • Linking small, one-topic OERs embedded in your course, placed so that students will come across them exactly when they need them.
  • If you are involved in developing a new program.

Your DAS Liaison

Seana Logsdon, your DAS

As one of the college’s original Directors of Academic Support, I have been building academic support offerings at the college for over ten years. In fact, my entire career has been within higher education and includes not just time as an academic  professional, but also full-time faculty experience within an Interdisciplinary Studies department. Currently, my regional responsibilities include overseeing academic support programming and staff within both the Buffalo and Rochester regions.  My professional interests are in learning design and embedded academic support as an alternative approach to traditional offerings. Recently, I was part of a team who developed the ESC Assignment Calculator and am now working with another group to develop an ESC Thesis Generator. Currently, I am the principal investigator on an Innovative Instructional Technology grant (IITG) and am collaborating with an academic support and educational technology team to develop several OER videos in targeted academic skill areas that will later be embedded within existing courses.