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Expanded Copyright (self-paced course)

Self-paced course for faculty and staff to learn the aspects of copyright law that affect higher education. It's intense - if you want something lighter, please go to the Intro to Copyright videos on Learnscape.

Fair Use

Learning Objectives

Once you've completed this module, you will be able to:

  • list and explain each of the four factors used in determining whether a particular use is considered a Fair Use
  • explain that a Fair Use determination is based on a balance of four factors and make up an example
  • define derivative work and make up an example
  • define Transformative Work and distinguish from derivative work; make up an example
  • explain how Fair Use handles derivative works and Transformative works differently
  • explain how Fair Use applies to the making of classroom copies and articulate a personal guideline, with reference to the law, for what is allowable classroom copying
  • discuss the major differences in making a Fair Use decision in an online versus a face to face environment
  • use the Fair Use Helper to guide decision making about whether a particular use of copyrighted materials is likely to be Fair Use