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APA Micro-course

7th edition changes: 

  • Publisher location is no longer included. Instead of: New York, NY: Penguin Publishing, it is just: Penguin Publishing
  • Surnames (last names) and initials for up to 20 authors (instead of 7) is provided.
  • DOIs are formatted as URLs ( The label "DOI" is no longer needed.
  • "Retrieved from" is no longer used before URLs unless the retrieval date is necessary for context (for example if something changes often).  URLs link directly to cited work when possible.
  • Ebooks: format/platform/device (e.g., Kindle) no longer needed.

Questions to consider:

  • How do I organize and format my References page?
  • How do I list a source with no author?
  • What is a hanging indent and how do I create one in Microsoft Word or Google Doc?
  • How accurate are the citations I can pull from library databases? (hint: not very)

Your list of full citations starts on a new page at the end of your paper (continue page numbering from paper body), with the title: References, centered one inch from the top. Basic tips:

  • Every source cited in your text should point to an entry in your References, and vice versa.
  • Entries are alphabetized by author last name (or title, skipping initial articles like A, An, The, if no author) and aligned left.
  • Hanging Indent is used for each entry (2nd and subsequent lines for each entry indented 0.5 inches).
  • All text is double-spaced, same as rest of paper.
  • Author names: last name first; first and middle initials follow (Kirk, J. T.).
  • Alphabetize works with no known author by their title.
  • Article, web site/page or book titles: capitalize ONLY the first word in the title and subtitle, and proper nouns (Trade between North Korea and China: Firm-level analysis).
  • Title of journal (and journal volume number), website or book in italics.
  • Journal name in full, using capitalization and punctuation as used within journal (Anthropology & Education Quarterly)
  • Location for online sources: use a DOI if available (usually for many online journal articles from the library), otherwise use a URL (for eBooks, this replaces the publisher info)

Example of a journal article from an online database in the library (note: hanging indent not shown here but must be included)

DeCamp, W., and Christopher F. (2017, February). The impact of degree of exposure to violent video games, family background, and other factors on youth violence. Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 46(2), 388-400. doi:10.1007/s10964-016-0561-8.