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OneSearch Tutorial

How to navigate and search the OneSearch search tool.

OneSearch is a discovery layer; it indexes and searches across many databases and information sources at once. 

To search: type in words and/or phrases that concisely represent the main concepts of your topic. Type a capitalized AND between each concept.

View of OneSearch search page with diversity AND workplace typed into in the search box

In the screen shot above: diversity AND workplace would be a good starting search for information about diversity initiatives in the workplace. HOWEVER, to get the best results, you should spend some time brainstorming other possible search words and phrases and craft multiple searches. This will not only help you locate better source, but help you hone your research topic as well. 

Using the example above, some additional searches might be:

  • workforce AND diversity AND laws
  • "Wall Street" AND leadership AND diversity [note: enclose commonly-used phrases of 2+ words in double quotes to limit the search to that exact phrase.]
  • "banking industry" AND diversity
  • "Goldman Sachs" AND "diversity initiative"

Click here for more Basic Searching help



The Advanced Search option is linked from the right of the default search box on the OneSearch main page. This option allows you to search specific fields such as title, ISBN, or author, and to limit by Resource Type, language and publication date. 

Click here for more Advanced Searching help