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OneSearch Tutorial

How to navigate and search the OneSearch search tool.

You Sign In to OneSearch with your regular ESC username and password. You must be signed in to save items for later use and to be able to see and access all available full-text results. If you aren't already signed in, you will often see a yellow stripe on the results page, just above the first result, with a Sign In link. 

View of OneSearch results page showing yellow stripe with a Sign In link above first result.

If you don't know or forgot your ESC password, you can reset it using the link at the bottom of the Sign In popup window:

OneSearch sign in popup window to enter username and password.

After you Sign In, you will see your name displayed in the top right of the page. You can then save items to a Favorites list (the "Keep this item" function using the Pin icon to the right of each result on the results page). You can access your saved items using the larger Pin icon at the top of any page within OneSearch. If you click your name in the top right, you'll see options to Sign Out, View Favorites (those items you've used the Pin icon on) or Search History (a list of the searches you've done this browser session, with links to each set of results) and view your Library Card. All other Library Card functionality (Loans and Requests) are currently inactive.

OneSearch page showing Profile, and Sign Out options in top right.