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Library Login: Home

How To Access Library Databases Using the Library Login

To get to a database, first go to the Online Library at If you are using a Screenreader, go to the Links list.

The main part of the library web site is divided into three sections: Library Resources, Learn, and ESC Library Blog. For this, you want the section called Library Resources, which is on the left and the first in terms of tab order.

You can choose from Article Databases, Books, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Multimedia, and Newspapers. If you choose one, you will still be able to get to the others. Here is a screenshot:

Library home page

After you click one of those links, you will find links that leave the page and go into the separate databases. If you are using a Screenreader, go to the Links list. First there is a list of links to the alphabetical sections of the page, and then a list of external links to databases. 

You can look through the list as is, or you can fine-tune it using the two pull-down menus I am about to describe:

At the top left there is a pull-down Subject menu. (If you are using a Screenreader, this is a Combo Box.)

You can select any area of study and that will refresh the database list to only include databases that are good for searching in that subject area.

Just to the right of that, there is another pull-down menu for Database Types. (If you are using a Screenreader, this is a Combo Box.)

You can select any type of database including Articles and more, Ebooks, Reference, News, Multimedia, Reports, etc. That will refresh the database list to include only databases of the type you selected.

Here is a screenshot.

Screenshot of the A-Z Databases list. Tab eight takes you to the Find Database by Title search box, and tab nine is the Go button for searching. Tab ten takes you to the Subjects pull-down menu, which you can navigate with arrow keys. Tab eleven takes you to the Database types pull-down menu, which you can also navigate with arrow keys. Tab fourteen takes you to the A databases. There is no stable tab order here because depending on what filters you use, some of the letters will be clickable and others not. After it works its way through the alphabet, it starts going from database to database, alphabetically. Most databases also have clickable links to tutorials on how to use them.

Once you click on the name of a database, you will be taken to the college's login screen. Enter the same college username and password that you use for MyESC and Moodle and click Login.

ESC login box

Troubleshooting Login Problems

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