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Offline Option for Library Workshops: Offline 1: Finding the Right Topic

Readings and Tutorials

Read or view the materials listed below and then take the quiz (link located further down the page). There is an optional section on the quiz to alert a mentor or instructor that you completed the quiz (you won't be able to answer the quiz questions without doing the readings/tutorials).


Questions to consider as you work your way through the readings below:

  • How do my beliefs/world view and biases play a roll in my consumption (and creation) of information (and in how I think about and create a research topic)?
  • How do I take a broad starting topic and turn it into a manageable research question that I can then answer in my paper?
  • What is background reading? How can I get a quick overview, history, and list of possible of concepts related to my topic?
  • Is there a possible gap between the words and phrases I use to describe the main concepts of my topic and those experts in the field use? How can I bridge that gap?

Research Workshop 1 Quiz

If you can't attend any scheduled live Research Workshop 1, you can instead work through the readings and tutorials above, and take this quiz: