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Offline Option for Library Workshops: Offline 2: Understanding and Evaluating Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Literature

Readings and Tutorials

Read or view the materials listed below and then take the quiz (link located further down the page). There is an optional section on the quiz to alert a mentor or instructor that you satisfactorily completed the quiz (you won't be able to answer the quiz questions without doing the readings/tutorials).


Questions to contemplate as you work your way through the materials below:

  • What is the peer-review process and how do I locate peer-reviewed sources?
  • What is the difference between scholarly and peer-reviewed?
  • What are the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary information sources?
  • What factors of an information source can I look at to try and determine it's reliability?

Quiz for Research Workshop 2

If you can't attend any scheduled live Research Workshop 2, you can instead work through the readings and tutorials above, and take this quiz: