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Research Skills Tutorial

This is a self-paced, non-credit course that covers research skills, critical thinking, media and internet literacy, and understanding the complexities of the modern information environment (including libraries.)

Portfolio Assignment for Understanding Information Sources

This second component of your portfolio asks you to identify some "places" (databases, search engines, online repositories and archives, etc.) where you will look for information sources on your topic. (OneSearch does not count as one of these "places." You may use it, but you also need to have specific databases, etc. The reason for this is that sometimes you need a more "surgical" approach than OneSearch's "blunt instrument.")

You will find all of the Empire State College Online Library's databases and other search tools here: And here are our subject guides, which organize databases and other search tools, along with selected tutorials and web resources, by subject:

Your answer to each of these should include both the title and the URL of the resource you have chosen. You should also take some time to explore each resource and become familiar with its interface.

  1. An ebook collection in the Empire State College Online Library (NOT the Ebook Catalog.)
  2. A multidisciplinary article database
  3. A subject-specific article database
  4. Another kind of database (newspaper, video, etc.)
  5. A web site that contains or links to multiple information sources. In other words, an online archive or repository, or even just a web site that has a collection of PDF reports.

Accessibility Note

Please note: If you need to request accommodations with content linked to on this guide, on the basis of a disability, please contact Accessibility Resources and Services by emailing them at  Requests for accommodations should be submitted as early as possible to allow for sufficient planning. If you have questions, please visit the Accessibility Resources and Services website