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Workshops: 4: Citing Sources using APA

Upcoming schedule for Workshop 4: Citing Sources (click 'Register' link below to sign up; login details sent the day before and day of the session): all Workshops go 7 to 8 pm (US EST)


  • Live sessions for this workshop are done for the semester. Please use the non-live option below.
  • [anytime] If you can't make an online live session, check out the non-live version of Research Workshop 4: Citing Sources using APA (note: involves readings, videos and an online quiz that will together take ~ 90 minutes to complete)

Workshop Description

Research Workshop 4 tackles plagiarism and citing basics, as well as citation writing techniques such as in-text citing and paraphrasing, using the APA citation style.

Learning Objectives: in this workshop you will learn how to...

  • Locate and use online resources to help you properly cite your information sources in order to avoid plagiarism and credit the ideas of others.
  • Create an effective signal phrase and in-text citation using APA style in order to more seamlessly introduce your readers to cited source material in your writing.
  • Write an acceptable paraphrase from source material in order to effectively leverage information sources to back up your arguments.